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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: S’mores Cookie

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When I saw this beautiful S’mores Cookie at LA Spice Café in Culver City I couldn’t resist.  The temperature was quite warm outside and so the thought of enjoying such a treasured summertime treat without the need for a campfire appealed to me.  It was basically a chocolate chip cookie with five marshmallows placed on top.  But somehow the marshmallows had been toasted, and while not burnt, definitely were sporting that look of roasted marshmallows.  I’m not sure how the bakers at LA Spice Café were able to do it, but it was perfection in a cookie.  So I have to declare that S’mores Cookie as my best bite of the week!

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Now I’m thinking of the other S’mores inspired dishes I’ve enjoyed in recent months, with one being the chocolate pudding S’mores at Superba Snack Bar on Rose Avenue in Venice.  That fantastic little dish also made my best bite of the week.  Ooh then there were the Make Your Own Tableside S’mores at Planet Dailies, a newish eatery located steps above Dylan’s Candy Bar just outside the Original Farmer’s Market.  This was such fun for our table of 5 to make our own S’mores after our brunch entrees were gone.  But let’s face it, nothing beats the real thing.  With summer right around the corner, I’m hoping a campfire or two find their way into my plans.  Because I’m the kind of girl who loves to roast two marshmallows at a time to golden perfection.  One for the S’mores and one to eat on its own.  A happy camper indeed!

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By Trish Procetto