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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich


Recently I have been on a coffee kick.  Even though we have a lovely French press at home, and make our own coffee every morning, sometimes when Matt’s on a flight I find it fun to try coffee around town.  Not your usual Starbucks and Coffee Bean kind of places. Recently I found a torn-out magazine page in my car that I’ve been carrying around for some time for Joni’s Coffee Roasting Cafe in Marina del Rey.  So I finally decided to go.  It’s in a longish strip mall on  Washington Boulevard between Lincoln and Pacific where the parking is easy and Joni’s is easy to spot with both outdoor and indoor seating.  I had every intention of getting a breakfast entree to go with my coffee, even though it was 11am.

food, tour, hollywood

As I walked in the door, I noticed a menu that offered about 7 different lunch specials for $6.99 and the meatloaf sandwich caught my eye.  So that’s what I ordered to accompany my cup of coffee, brewed just for me.  The sandwich had a very generous slice of meatloaf on my choice of sourdough with just the right amount of tomato, lettuce and onion.  It was such a big sandwich, I took half home for dinner.  It was comfort food at its best.  And I must say, it paired perfectly with the coffee.  Staring at me from its place of honor in the corner was the big black coffee roaster.  Apparently the team at Joni’s roasts coffee beans about three times a week, and all you have to do is follow your nose.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back soon for another cup of coffee, and another meatloaf sandwich!

food, tour, hollywood