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Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Veggies at Roy Choi’s Commissary

“Eat your veggies” just may be the message at Roy Choi’s newest eatery in Koreatown.  After a few months of reading blogs and seeing pictures, I was thrilled when my lunch date agreed that Commissary in the Line Hotel would be a perfect place to meet.  My friend Mike is a former architect and I knew that he would enjoy both the hotel and the restaurant.  I spent just a few minutes exploring the lobby of the hotel where I found a lovely cake on display to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday and also a little shop called Poketo which sells high end Japanese items.  Upon walking into Commissary which is on the second floor, you feel like you are in a greenhouse.  A bright, open, colorful greenhouse.  There are some long communal tables, a bar and individual tables as well.

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Diners are presented a picture menu in an envelope, and our envelope happened to be addressed to Nicole Richie!  Cute idea.  Mike and I picked four things off the menu:  a salad, a meat and two vegetables.  The menu basically encourages you to just trust the pictures (and the chef) and enjoy your culinary adventure.  We were not disappointed.  The schnitzel and the Caesar salad were both solid.  The radish dish, while highly recommended by LA Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold, was simply too raw for me.  BUT the carrots that Mr. Gold recommended were amazing.  And yet it was just a beautiful plate of petite yellow and orange carrots.  Set atop a lovely green sauce (cilantro, avocado?) that complemented the carrots perfectly.  And our dishes were served on an array of charmingly mismatched dishware.  It was such fun, I can’t wait to go back and try more.  Maybe breakfast next time.  But until then I’m declaring the carrots at Roy Choi’s Commissary as my best bite of the week!

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By Trish Procetto