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Dining Out in Los Angeles-Our Best Bite This Week: Italian Hot Chocolate

I have long had a love affair with Italian food and drink. I am always on the lookout for cafes in Los Angeles that help transport me back to the beautiful coffee houses in Italy. Florence, Venizia, Naples. You name it and I had a cappuccino and pastry there, preferably standing at the counter so I could feel like a local.

chocolate, food, tour

While dining out in LA recently, I found a new coffee house on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica called Spazio Caffe. They serve Italian coffee drinks, pastries and paninis. But what attracted my attention was the list of 18 flavors of thick hot chocolates (in Italian=Cioccolata Calda). Ranging from banana to hazelnut to orange cinnamon and more, this spoon-worthy hot chocolate is served in a beautiful mug and pairs beautifully with a nutella croissant! I enjoyed a late afternoon cup of strawberry hot chocolate and it was so chocolatey good that I am declaring it my best bite of the week. Fair warning: it is a very rich cup of “cioccolata” so you just may get your chocolate quota for the day in this one cup!chocolate, food, tour


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