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Dinner at AGO in West Hollywood


Leading food tours in Hollywood means I get exposed to LOTS of restaurants along our tour route.   There’s one Italian restaurant on Melrose in West Hollywood that I’ve been wanting to visit since we started this business two and a half years ago.  That’s Ago, co-owned by Robert Di Niro, and named for Agostino Sciandri, De Niro’s business partner and Executive Chef.   Neighboring restaurants include Comme Ca, Taste and Lucques.   But it was this little yellow building with the beautiful tree-lined entry and patio that captured my attention!

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Our server Sam was straight out of Southern Italy, from the “toe of the boot” he told us.  He kindly guided us through ordering since it was our first visit, never being pushy.   Matt ordered lasagna and I ordered chicken parmigiana, so we could have both meat and pasta.  We also shared a beet salad and dipped a few pieces of homemade bread in olive oil.  Ago does something clever:  they set out their (non-refrigerated) desserts on a table for you to look at through the whole meal.  I was sold long before it was time.  We opted for Sam’s suggestion of Panna Cotta and he also brought us a plate of homemade biscotti to go with my decaf cappuccino.

food, tour, hollywood

Matt and I agreed that the lasagna was the best we’ve ever had.  The homemade noodles  were melt in your mouth amazing.  Actually we were happy with everything we ordered.  The only things (people) missing were Bobby D. and Agostino, maybe we’ll meet them next time.    If you’re looking for really good pasta in an Italian trattoria in West Hollywood , look no further than Ago Restaurant on Melrose.

food, tour, hollywood

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