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Dinner & Dessert in Hermosa Beach

Playa del Rey isn’t really the South Bay, at least that’s what people tell me. We’re pretty much 8 miles from Santa Monica to the north and 8 miles to Hermosa Beach to the south. When picking a dinner choice, we usually head north (or east or west). But a recent mention in Los Angeles magazine brought us to the former Union Cattle Co. in Hermosa Beach. It is now a restaurant and brewery and has almost 4 stars on YELP. So that’s what brought us to Abigaile in the South Bay.

You see pictured here the Brazilian cheese bread, served with butter and spiced honey, and out of this world!! They were warm, and the butter and honey were a perfect pairing. Those little bready puffs could have been my entire meal, but I refrained. Shaved brussel sprouts (when did I become such a fan of these little cabbages?) and zucchini & potato gratin accompanied Matt’s Tandoori Octopus and my free-range friend chicken, also pictured here. Even Matt agreed the chicken was worthy of being called some of the best we’ve ever had. Sorry Roscoe. We opted to skip dessert there and paid nearby Paciugo Gelato a visit. It was so good it deserves its own blog!

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