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Double D Diner doing good across the USA


About a year ago I read about a non-profit organization in Parade Magazine that really hit home.  The Double D Diner had come up with a simple yet ingenious concept:  asking donors to “eat one less meal” and donate that amount (or more) online by way of a clever menu.  Items range from $1.00 (for a “bite” of dessert) to $49.99 for the Cruise Ship Buffet.  You can even order a Celebration Cake for your best friend for  $15.  If you don’t have time to peruse the menu, you can simply leave a “tip”.  Those donations are then turned over to deserving and needy food pantries and soup kitchens around the USA.  It had always been our intention to partner up with an organization such as this, since our tour guests enjoy generous portions of the tastiest food in town.

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The masked face of Double D Diner is Hunger Man, who is based on the East Coast and created this great concept.  When he traveled to Los Angeles to make a donation, he invited us along for a delivery to a deserving site.  Luckily Matt was in town and able to capture this awesome event on video for us.  After the visit to St. Augustine S.A.V.E.S. pantry in Culver City, we sat down with Hunger Man to learn more about him and his work.  We were happy to hear that more than 90% of donations that come in online, go right back out to the needy and hungry.  We at TOURific Escapes look forward to a lasting partnership and friendship with the good folks at Double D.  Remember:  Don’t eat at the Double D Diner.  Donate!

food, tour, hollywood

Watch what happened on our surprise visit below:


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