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I met the Ace of Cakes

I got a big bear hug from the Ace of Cakes yesterday! I led my group into Madame Chocolate and there he was, Duff Goldman, chatting it up with Hasty Torres. I knew from The Food Network that he was opening a second outpost of his famous Baltimore Charm City Cakes here in LA to be called Charm City Cakes West. So not having much trouble talking to people (even famous ones) I said “Welcome to Los Angeles, when’s your bakery opening?” And he gave me a big hug! I of course asked if he’d pose for a group photo, but he politely declined due to some clause in a contract he’d recently signed. But I can tell you his new shop is going to be on Melrose and Sweetzer, opening April 15. The website says it’s appointment only, but I just have a feeling the TOURific Escapes van will make a stop there. Good thing I have such an understanding husband. I think I have a new crush.

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