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Enter to win John Kelly Chocolates

It was my lucky day in January 2011 when I walked into John Kelly Chocolates store in Hollywood. I had discovered them on YELP and every single review was more mouth-watering than the next one. So John Kelly became a stop on my Chocolate Indulgence tour. Not only do our guests get to sample LOTS of chocolate fresh off the conveyor belt, but on weekdays they get to watch the magic happen in the kitchen. I say magic, because a year and a half later I am still fascinated by the chocolate curtain and the conveyor belt!

The founders, John and Kelly, opened a second store in Santa Monica just in time for Valentine’s Day 2012 and I recently attended their red carpet event where several hundred guests were treated to champagne and what else…chocolate! John Kelly Chocolates would make a perfect gift for your Dad or that special Grad in your life. And if you like/comment/share this blog with your Facebook friends you will be entered to WIN a tower of John Kelly Chocolates. Do you have a favorite flavor?

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