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Esotouric Adventures

Recently I took a few hours to enjoy myself as a guest with the intriguing tour company Esotouric. Kim and Richard specialize in bus adventures deep into the heart of Los Angeles, veering off the beaten path into fascinating and often neglected neighborhoods…all with a story (or two) to tell. On this Sunday afternoon, the crime bus took us into East Los Angeles, which included visits to Montebello and Boyle Heights.

We saw the neighborhood where The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez was finally captured as well as took a walk through Evergreen Cemetery to pay our respects to 400+ carnival workers buried there. In addition to a few murder scenes, there was Simons Brickyard complex that paid families $25 for each baby they had. But you know me, I’m all about food and my favorite stops were the building shaped like a tamale and the milk & cookie break which deserves its own blog. Coming next…Broguiere’s Dairy!