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Everybody Loves…our new Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour


Everybody Loves…

Our new Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Especially Everybody Loves Raymond star Doris Roberts, who was a recent guest.

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The five-time Emmy Award winning actress entertained her fellow passengers with some hilarious tales from her glittering showbiz career. I won’t repeat any of them here but needless to say, everyone on the bus that day now has stories they can dine out on for months!

You never know who you will be sitting next to on this top rated new attraction – for it’s the celebrity tour the stars themselves adore.

Movie actress Helene Cardona, best known for starring in Chocolat with Johnny Depp, also took a recent tour and told us all about working with Johnny, whose character’s home from his first film, Nightmare on Elm Street, is one of the locations we feature.

tour, hollywood

Another fascinating guest was rising star singer and actress Victoria Summer, who plays Julie Andrews in Disney’s upcoming movie Saving Mr Banks, which is about the making of Mary Poppins. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are also in that movie, out at Christmas, and Victoria was full of praise and admiration for her co-stars.

tour, hollywood

Book now for this unique and instantly popular tour. For not only will you hear me talking all about movie stars, you might well meet one or two of them as well.

tour, hollywood

I had a taste of movie stardom myself recently having written, directed and acted in a short film parody of Les Miserables called Miserable Lesbians. The film won a record 8 Toscars – the awards for short comedy films – at a star studded Hollywood ceremony and you can watch it here. Enjoy!

tour, hollwyood

There were more stars than are in the heavens at the Oscars, of course, and I was honored to be asked to be part of the BBC’s Oscar coverage to Britain. I was on the UK’s best talk radio station, BBC5 Live, giving my predictions of the winners (which I got 100 per cent right), describing the action with host Colin Paterson and interviewing great guest Tehmina Sunny, whom you might recognize as one of the cast of Argo.

Just a few minutes into the show we were interrupted live on air by the LAPD bomb squad – and their sniffer dog Beans – for a sudden security check. But in a wonderfully bizarre moment, the officers were interviewed on air about their favorite Oscar movies while Beans gave us all the all clear.

It was Argo which deservedly won best picture of course and that movie was recently honored by the city of Los Angeles for being filmed mostly in our city and pumping millions into the local economy.

You can see locations from Argo on our Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour…and maybe some celebrities too!

SANDRO’S CELEBRITY SCOOP by SANDRO MONETTI, director and guide of our Celebrity Tour.

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