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Experience a bit of France in Venice Beach

If you are longing for a vacation to France, but don’t have the time or money to get there just yet, drive yourself to the French Market Café in Venice Beach to experience a little bit of France.  In spite of the calendar recently called for tacos and margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and LA Burger Week and Grilled Cheese Month just took place, I have been craving a bite to eat from the French Market Café.  Open in 1993, this charming family-owned café and market first came onto my radar around 2007 when a neighbor introduced me.  When TOURific Escapes launched our Santa Monica Sites & Bites Tour in November 2010, I made sure to include French Market Café on the tasting roster.  Alas, that tour was short-lived but I am happy to report that French Market Café is still open and thriving.

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I decided to stop by for an early morning breakfast and a little walk down memory lane.  I perused the imported food products in the market and the cute French gifts, then ordered a cappuccino and a Le Cheval open-face breakfast sandwich and sat down to reminisce about our weekly tours there.  The owners, originally from France, took very quickly to our tour idea and offered to serve our guests a plate of homemade Ratatouille with tiny cornichons and crunchy French bread.  We also offered an optional wine tasting.  That tasting stop was the highlight of our tour, and to be honest it was magical.  It was an evening tour and with the twinkly lights on the patio and the owner’s warm welcome, the guests were enchanted.  Now, the French Market Café closes at 5pm so my breakfast visit would have to do.  They offer indoor and outdoor patio seating, as you can see from the picture here.  I look forward to having a slice of quiche on my next visit.  If ever you want to escape and enjoy a bit of the French flair, let me know and I will meet you at the French Market Café in Venice.

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By Trish Procetto