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Experience our best bite of the week at More Than Waffles

More Than Waffles on Ventura Boulevard in Encino has been on my radar for a while now.  Recently my Pancake Club convened for a meeting and More Than Waffles was chosen as our breakfast spot.   The place was hopping!  I mistakenly thought it was a new-ish establishment but learned that one of the ladies in the PC grew up going there.  When we asked, we found out they have been open since 1975!  They must be doing something right because even with a 10am reservation, we weren’t seated for almost 30 minutes.  More Than Waffles has indoor and outdoor seating, and the outdoor diners were treated to live music, and  a view of the musician’s cute dog.

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Their menu reflects that they serve “more than waffles” but how can you go to a restaurant with waffles in the name and not order one?  Plus, right below the waffle descriptions the menu shares that each waffle is only 140 calories, before you add the toppings that is! You can see by the photos here that the waffles are made into a variety of breakfast treats from a Waffle Sundae to a Waffle Benedict to my order, which was your basic breakfast combo, two eggs with bacon and what else, a waffle!  I considered the Chicken & Waffle until I learned the chicken breast was grilled and not fried.  The items I did not get to photograph were a Mediterranean Omelette and the Hot Apple Waffle, which apparently was like eating a slice of apple pie.  Everyone at the table enjoyed their breakfast, which came out quickly, and the coffee was good too.

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More Than Waffles prides themselves on their authentic Brussels waffles created from a secret family recipe and baked in unique waffle irons, from centuries past.  Considered more of a pastry, a Belgian waffle has a thin, crisp crust and a light and airy texture.  Our breakfast at More Than Waffles was an enjoyable experience, and I am declaring my waffle combo breakfast as my best bite of the week.

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By Trish Procetto

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