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Exploring LA: The Hollywood Costume Exhibit

One of the great joys of being a tour guide is exploring all the many things to do in Los Angeles. From food and cultural events to new restaurants to exhibits, it seems there is a never-ending list of events and activities to see and do. If you saw the recent Golden Globes, you know that Awards Season is in full swing. Actors, directors, musicians, writers and more will be honored for their artistic work during the year. Every March, I head to FIDM in downtown LA to see their Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition. There they have on display the costumes that have been nominated for an Oscar for Best Costume. They also traditionally have the previous year’s winner. It is exciting to be so close to these amazing pieces of work. But until that time, there’s another costume exhibit to enjoy.

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The Hollywood Costume exhibit, presented by Swarovski, is in Los Angeles until March 2. It is the final showing in a traveling exhibit presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. More than 150 costumes are on display in the old Wilshire May Company Building. This exhibition is a pre-curser of sorts to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures set to open in 2017 in this exact space. Two hours were spent perusing not only the costumes, but also the interesting stories that accompanied them. There was a wide range of costumes spanning movies historic to current, dramas to comedy. I particularly loved Kate Winslet’s pinstriped dress and enormous hat, as seen in opening scenes of Titanic on that fateful embarkation day. I also enjoyed seeing Julie Andrew’s Mary Poppins ensemble and Nicole Kidman’s sequined-and-feathered outfit from Moulin-Rouge. Pictures were not allowed inside the exhibit. I hope that instead you enjoy this lovely shot of Levitated Mass, the 340 ton boulder that arrived on the LACMA campus back in 2012. You can take a walk under this massive sculpture either before or after your visit to the Hollywood Costume exhibit.

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By Trish Procetto

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