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Finding good French Toast in Los Angeles


French toast.  Eggy bread.  Pain perdu.

Whatever you call it, this breakfast or brunch treat is exactly that, a luxurious treat.  I may have mentioned in previous blogs that breakfast is my favorite meal.  And I usually go for pancakes since I feel like French toast can be too filling.  I met a friend for breakfast recently who wanted to revisit 26 Beach Cafe in Venice Beach specifically for their wonderful French toast.  We were seated in their lovely heated garden patio.  Good thing it was such a comfortable space as it took us a while to peruse their brunch menu:  there are 20 options for French toast!!

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We decided to get two different dishes and share.  The L’Orange French toast was actually made with two large croissants smothered with an orange juice maple reduction and heavenly mascarpone.   Then there was The Elvis, made with thick Challah bread, and banana slices hidden in creamy peanut butter and blackberry jam.  It was served like a sandwich, but had to be eaten with a fork and knife.  OMG to both of them!  I would go back in a heartbeat since there are 18 other French toast dishes to choose from…and some of them were even made with chocolate!  So if you’re looking for one of the best French toast spots in Los Angeles, head to 26 Beach Café in Venice.

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