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Following the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

I get so many food-related emails that I sometimes forget what I read where. Maybe it was the name or the colors that captured my attention, but I decided I needed to pay a visit to The Big Gay Ice Cream truck while it was out west from NYC. Especially when I read The Actors Diet and found out our blogger friend Lynn had already been, and gave them a great review. So last Wednesday afternoon we headed to the corner of Beverly Blvd and Sierra Bonita, just outside Heath Ceramics and somewhat north of The Grove.

There were 15 people ahead of us with 20 minutes before the truck was set to arrive. It seemed most people, like me and Matt, were new to this scene but couldn’t wait to try the goods. At exactly 4:00 pm the rainbow and unicorn-decorated truck pulled up. The line moved pretty quickly and at 4:23 it was our turn. I got the Salty Pimp, which was a cone of vanilla soft serve with shots of dulce de leche in it and generously sprinkled with sea salt before being dipped in chocolate. They were nice enough to serve it in a plastic boat with a spoon to catch every bite. Matt’s Awesomesauce was a dish of vanilla with a spicy chocolate sauce, spicy pumpkin seeds and whipped cream.

The Big Gay Ice Cream truck has a new fan…and I hope NYC loans them out to Los Angeles again soon!