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My Night with George Clooney!

His silver suit perfectly matched his hair color…his shirt was casually open at the collar…he flashed that charming grin and asked if I wanted popcorn…ah only in my dreams! But hey, it was a dream to just be in the same room as George Clooney!

I was recently invited to a Monday night screening of the Oscar-nominated movie the Descendants starring Mr. Wonderful (hereafter referred to as GC), which was followed by a Q+A session with director Alexander Payne (Sideways, About Schmidt) and GC. What a special experience that was! Both men were in fine form while taking a variety of questions, joking, cussing (GC only) and thoroughly charming the audience. After laughing AND crying through the movie, I understood why it landed on this year’s nominee list. At the upcoming 84th Academy Awards on Sunday February 26, this movie has the potential to walk away with Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director awards.

Joining the American Cinematheque last year (via a Groupon promotion) was probably one of the best deals I’ve purchased in the last year. As a member, I am granted discount (or FREE) tickets to special screenings at two lovely and historic theaters here in Los Angeles: The Aero on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica (Robert Redford’s boyhood cinema) and Syd Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, adjacent to the Pig & Whistle restaurant. I can’t wait for my next movie star date at the theatre…Brad, Leo, Denzel??? A girl can dream…

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