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Where to get Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots in LA

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It’s no secret that I favor sweets.   I’m always looking for my next sweet snack or dessert.   When I saw that Dominique Ansel, the NYC pastry chef who created the Cronut, had created a chocolate chip cookie shot filled with milk, I instantly wanted one.   He debuted them in March at the SXSW convention in Austin, Texas before bringing them home to his Soho bakery as an “after school” special.  Seeing as I have no immediate plans to visit Texas or New York, I resigned myself to enjoying the photos and stories, and imagining how good these clever cookie shots might be.

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And then I found out that Platine Cookies on Washington Boulevard in Culver City was taking a stab at making them too, with a different flavored milk.  YES!  Just a ten minute drive from my home, I would get to taste these cute and clever chocolate chip cookie shots.  I happened to make it in on the third day they were offered.  I was so surprised there was no line, I walked in and ordered one to enjoy right then and there.  They asked if I wanted my chocolate chip cookie shot warmed up.  Um, yes please.  The milk was poured into the chocolate-lined shot glass shaped cookie, and after snapping a few pictures I was on my way.  I sat out in the sunshine on this lovely blue bench and enjoyed this warm creation, alternating between sipping the milk and taking bites of the cookie.  It was a little awkward but fun at the same time.  I didn’t spill a drop!  A little birdie told me these may be specialty items just for the month of April, so if you want one, now would be a good time to get one.

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By Trish Procetto

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