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Helms Bakery and HD Buttercup

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I have driven past the HD Buttercup building in Culver City on many occasions but have never stopped to check it out, aside from having a burger at the adjacent Father’s Office gastropub.  Recently I had weekend company that asked me to take them there.   The spacious building now houses a furniture marketplace (to the tune of 150,000 square feet) but from 1931 to 1969 it was the home of Helms Bakery.  While my friends perused the home furnishings, I was content at the “museum” which is a picture wall dedicated to the history of Helms Bakery, complete with actual black and white video footage.   The kind of video that instantly takes you back to simpler times, picturing kids running toward the sound of the Helms Bakery Whistle with a few coins in their pocket to buy a warm pastry or loaf of bread.

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As we walked out of the building, we immediately noticed a pale yellow Helms Bakery truck with its back door open, beckoning us for a closer look at the goodies for sale.   Of course we asked to see everything and then we decided on sharing a cookie and an ice cream sandwich, which was not all that easy to share but we managed.   The cookie, a chocolate gluten-free version, was AMAZING!  Kate, our friendly salesgirl, told us she was out there generating buzz for the new Helms Café that is in the works on the property.   It’s going to be a partnership between Sherry Yard, Wolfgang Puck’s amazing pastry chef, and Sang Yoon, chef and owner of Father’s Office.   I’ll be waiting in eager anticipation for that announcement!

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