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A Knight In Hollywood

*** New review***
Please take a look at what is saying about the show. Here is a great review of the show and an interview with Michael E. Knight.

Best known as Tad (the cad) on ABC’s long-running All My Children, Michael E. Knight is a 3 time Emmy Award winning actor. And I got to meet him Friday night!! Just like George Clooney, he is now a silver fox, but he still has Tad’s devilish grin and was so sweet and warm as he greeted his fans after the show. I was blown away by his modesty and friendly persona. Matt even chatted him up as we talked about a variety of things. One of our guests had brought a soap opera magazine photo from Michael in his early days as playboy Tad, and he told us he had no idea how to play that kind of guy since he was a wallflower in real life. The producers let him play Tad as “funny” so that he was more comfortable with the womanizing side of Tad. Interesting…

Our night started with dinner from a very clever menu at Grub, which was transformed into Pine Valley for the evening, and Libby and I talked and laughed about our crushes on Tad Martin. As a special surprise, Chef Betty stopped by for dinner, owner of Grub and chef-testant from Top Chef Season 2! What a treat to have a few minutes to chat with Betty!

Dinner was followed by a funny, sexy (can you say nude scenes?) performance at the The Blank’s 2nd Stage Theatre. Four talented performers made a very small stage area come to life as an open apartment overlooking the Hudson in New York. At heart were two couples, two marriages, four egos and an hour and a half packed with beautiful people, witty dialogue, a basket of grapefruit, and a lasagna tray being used as an in-box. From start to finish, my Night with Michael E. Knight was a fabulous treat, and a night out in Hollywood I’ll never forget!

If you want to go, read more here

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