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Los Angeles Magazine’s Best New Restaurant​s Celebratio​n

Dining in LA-My Best Bite of the Week: Pie at Cook’s County

As you may know, I read Los Angeles magazine cover to cover every month.  In my opinion, it is the premiere magazine for all things foodie-related in LA.  There are many other relevant features and articles that a tour guide like me would find interesting, but truly it’s the food coverage that keeps me hungry and adding to my restaurant list each month.  I happened to receive an online invitation to the magazine’s Best New Restaurant Celebration at the Helms Bakery complex, and since tickets were reasonably priced I snatched up two.  Plus when I saw the list of restaurants that were going to be there offering up their best bites, I needed no further convincing.

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Matt and I enjoyed sipping beverages in between wonderful bites from places like Bestia, Hinoki & The Bird, Chi Spacca and The Hart and The Hunter.   There were 12 total restaurants represented, and it was great fun to see Ludo Lefebvre dishing up Avocado Sushi from Trois Mec and the very tall CJ Jacobson chatting up guests at his Girasol booth.  An especially delightful surprise was standing in line with our friend Chef Betty Fraser, Top Chef alum and co-owner of Grub Restaurant, famous for their crack bacon.  As if things couldn’t get any better, on our way out we stopped at the Helms Bakery Cart and met renowned Pastry Chef Sherry Yard who offered us some of her yummy pastries, and shared plans for turning the 4,000 square foot party space into a foodie emporium, Helms Hall and Bakery.  We can’t wait!

food, tour, hollywood

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