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Los Angeles Police Museum

I spent some time this week doing research around town and wound up at the Los Angeles Police Museum. On my recent Esotouric Blood & Dumplings adventure, they reminded everyone about it, and I wanted to go while the James Ellroy-sponsored exhibit was still there. If you follow the Black Dahlia , one of LA’s most notorious unsolved murders, you’ll want to see this exhibit, as some items have never been released to the public before now.

Housed in an old police precinct on York Avenue in Highland Park (just down the street from Galco’s Soda Pop Stop ) for an $8 entry fee, visitors can take a self-guided audio tour among photographs, vehicles, uniform displays and more. I was quite fascinated with the jail cells and the cameras…say cheese for your mug shot! I was there about two hours, just the right amount of time to enjoy everything, and build up an appetite for my visit to The Pie Hole !

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