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Lunch at Petit Trois

I will never forget when I first heard of Chef Ludo Lefebvre.  We had just started the tour business and had quite a bit of free time while waiting for our tour bookings to ramp up.  After hearing all the buzz about the Ludo Truck, I dragged Matt to some back street in Santa Monica to wait on line for some fantastic Ludo Bites, balls of crispy fried chicken and honey lavender biscuits.  We were both smitten after that.  Then along came Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the chefs behind Animal and then Son of a Gun and most recently Jon & Vinny’s.  None of which I have tried, but all three restaurants get rave reviews.

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In 2013, these three master minds (Ludo, Jon and Vinny) partnered together to open Trois Mec, which roughly translates to “three guys” in French.  Their small space is located in a strip mall near the corner of Highland and Melrose in the Raffalo’s Pizza space.  This is just a stone’s throw from the Mozza restaurants and Susan Feniger’s Mud Hen Tavern.  There’s a special online reservation and ticketing system for the nightly 5-course menu and the system opens every other Friday morning.  There are no substitutions allowed, except for vegetarian diners.  Trois Mec has received many awards in the local foodie world, but I’ve just never made the time to get on the reservation system.  Then I remembered the newest addition, Petit Trois, which opened in the even smaller space just next to Trois Mec.  Petit Trois is open for lunch and dinner, with no reservations taken, and this restaurant is getting its fair share of accolades too.

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Matt and I arrived on a weekday at 11:45am with the doors opening at 12 noon.  We couldn’t believe there were already two ladies in line, waiting on a bench outside.  We joined them and when the doors opened we got prime seats at the beautiful marble bar, which meant we could watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen.  I didn’t count but now that I think back, there had to have been about eight seats along the marble bar and then maybe 10 more at a bar against the mirrored wall.  The place filled up fast.  Our server was cheerful and made us feel welcome.  We were in and out in an hour.  But it was a wonderful hour.  Some of the best bread and butter I’ve ever tasted.  Followed by steak tartare, because why not?  Matt ordered the very juicy and indulgent double cheeseburger known as the Big Mec.  I had read reviews about the omelette and so had to go with that, served with a lovely butter lettuce.  Seriously the most perfect omelette I have ever had with melty Boursin pepper cheese and a liberal sprinkling of chives.  Of course when in a French eatery we had to order the frites, covered in a beautiful but very rich mornay sauce.  We had no business ordering dessert after that meal, and I’m proud to say we didn’t.  In October, the newest collaboration between these three guys opened in Silver Lake.  Trois Familia serves a French-Mexican brunch menu seven days a week, 10am to 3pm.  Did I tell you how much I love brunch?  Count me in!

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By Trish Procetto