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Lunch on Sunset Plaza

Sunset Plaza. I always describe this area of Sunset Boulevard as that little bit of Europe right here in Hollywood. I have been wanting to dine at one of the restaurants along The Plaza for years now but just never seemed to get there (except driving by on tour). I finally had lunch at the little French café Le Clafoutis. Even though it was close to 100 degrees on this October day, we opted to sit out on the sidewalk to “see and be seen”. No movie stars. No paparazzi. But, we were not disappointed. We watched for some time as a cross-dresser strutted his stuff in too-high heels and a silver lame tube top.
But the menu was lovely, and my lunch was amazing. Bread & butter, gazpacho, and eggs benedict with a potato casserole. My friend loved her crab cakes and goat cheese salad. Bonus: parking was FREE in a spacious back parking lot. I finally got my Sunset Plaza European “fix” and look forward to my next visit there.

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