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Milk so fresh the cows don’t miss it!

As yesterday’s blog mentioned, I spent a few glorious hours on a “crime bus” with Esotouric, being transported back in time to some East LA neighborhoods with fascinating stories to tell. Our snack break took place at Broguiere’s Farm Fresh Family Dairy in Montebello, which is a family run delivery service. Can you imagine receiving milk in glass bottles right to your front door?

Our tour took us right to their facility, where folks were both walking-up and driving-thru. Our hosts and guides, Kim and Richard, offered us samples of both the regular and chocolate milk to go with our coffee and cookies. The thick and creamy chocolate milk was of course my favorite! Upon closer inspection of their website, I noticed they deliver a variety of items in addition to milk. Sign me up: fresh milk AND red velvet cake at my doorstep!