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Murder Mystery at STREET

Who dunnit?  That was the theme of the night at Susan Feniger’s international restaurant STREET.   On New Year’s Eve, a six-course dinner was served while diners mingled among the setting of a crime in 1929 Cairo.   The entire staff was dressed for the part, with Detective Lang Syne having a list of nine suspects.  Even Chef Susan took on the role of Gypsy Michaela who wandered by tables giving clues–and shots of peppermint schnapps!


Each time a new course was served, a new clue was dropped along with it.  Favorite courses were the Snakepit Poisoning, a mandarin orange salad served with a dropper of viper chile (HOT!) and the Hanging Lotus, barbeque duck and sticky rice tied up with a noose!  By the time we left more than two hours later, we were no closer to solving the mystery than when we walked in the door.  Diners who were able to deduct the correct suspect AND murder weapon will be treated to a complimentary Kaya Toast on their next visit.  Kudos to Susan, Kajsa and their entire team for getting into the spirit and bringing something a little different to the table.

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