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My First Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

I recently attended my first Walk of Fame Star Ceremony! I have seen several ceremonies from onboard our tour van, but this was my first time being on the sidewalk, and experiencing it from start to finish. Daytime talk-show hostess, actress and comedian Ellen DeGeneres received the 2,477th star in the category of Television on Tuesday September 4. Her star was to be revealed in front of the W Hotel near the corner of Hollywood & Vine. I arrived an hour early with a coffee in hand (mistake) but landed some incredibly good karma when I stood next to a fellow tour guide and all-around great guy Brian Donnelly. Brian has attended hundreds of ceremonies and gave me the insider’s scoop. He even let me stand on his portable step-stool to get a better view. It was an incredible experience. For my birds-eye account of the day, check out our video here. And also I’ve put together this helpful reminder list for your first Walk of Fame Ceremony:

1. Be sure you read the street signs where you park so you don’t get a ticket (I didn’t get a ticket, but kept checking my watch so as not to miss my two hour time frame)
2. Finish your coffee before you get to the ceremony, as you’ll be jostled by all the people, and you’ll need two free hands for picture-taking or waving a sign
3. Stand next to a nice person willing to share OR bring your own little step-stool so that you can see over everyone’s heads especially if you are only 5’3” like me
4. Bring something for the star to autograph, though don’t expect that you’ll get close enough to get the autograph
5. Dress for the weather; wear comfortable shoes and plenty of sunscreen
6. Have fun!

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