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My Oscars Forecast

The Oscar nominations have been announced and, for once, predicting the winners is going to be easy.

“La La Land,” nominated in a record equaling 14 categories, is by far the best film and will take most of the awards at the ceremony here in Hollywood on February 26.

If you’ve not seen the film yet, don’t wait a minute longer to enjoy this magical romantic musical which shows off L.A. at its beautiful best – much like my Celebrity Insider tour with Tourific Escapes does!

From the opening scene of drivers stuck in a traffic jam suddenly getting out of their cars to start singing and dancing to the wonderful performances by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone along with the perfect writing and directing by Damien Chazelle this is the kind of movie Oscars were invented for.

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Can anyone crash the party and stop “La La Land” making a clean sweep? Well, yes. There is no nominee from that film in the best supporting actress category, which is a lock for Viola Davis from “Fences” and nor is there one for best supporting actor where in a competitive category, I give a slight edge to Mahershala Ali from “Moonlight.”

“La La Land” will surely win best picture, director, screenplay, song, score and best actress for Emma Stone. Ryan Gosling may struggle to take best actor from Casey Affleck of “Manchester By The Sea,” as much as I think he deserves it more.

Once again this year I shall be covering the Oscars for the BBC, broadcasting live to Britain on BBC Radio 5.

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You can hear my inside scoop by coming along on one of my Celebrity Insider Movie Location tours – where “La La Land” will be a big topic of discussion. “City of Stars” is the name of the main song from that film and the title perfectly sums up this wonderful place.

By Sandro Monetti, Director and Guide of the Celebrity Insider Tour with Tourific Escapes


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