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Open Table

Who says dining out doesn’t have its rewards? Just over a year ago one of our tour guests told us about Open Table. Today I received my first $50 dining cheque (from the 50,000 points that I had accrued) and the money can be spent at any restaurant that accepts reservations on the booking site. So I basically received this reward simply from dining out and making reservations online. How sweet is that?

Membership is free, and you can search for restaurants either by name or location. All 50 states (plus DC) are represented and there are 25,000+ restaurants to choose from. Most reservations will earn you 100 points but there are a limited number that will award you 1,000 points (thank you Drago Restaurant in Santa Monica!) So if you want those points to add up faster, make your dinner plans at the higher point eateries. Now that I have this $50 dining cheque burning a hole in my pocket, where shall I go?

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