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Oscar Picks from our Celebrity Insider

Hooray, it’s Oscars time again. The Superbowl of showbiz is here. Bring on the gowns, the gaffes, the big names and the Botox. I love the whole wonderful spectacle.
In the build up to the February 22 ceremony I’ve been lucky enough to meet most of the nominees in my capacity as an entertainment reporter and a terrific, talented and most pleasant bunch they are too.
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Being a Brit I take special pride that five of the 20 acting nominees are from the UK – proving once again the great impact and popularity our performers are enjoying over here.
But will we hear any British accents on the stage accepting Oscars? Well, one for sure. I’m very confident Eddie Redmayne will win best actor for his role as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything – and so he should as that’s one of the greatest acting performances of the last 20 years.
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Here are my predictions for the other main prizes. Best actress will be Julianne Moore for Still Alice, best supporting actress Patricia Arquette for Boyhood and best supporting actor to JK Simmons for Whiplash. I can see best picture going to Boyhood and that film’s Richard Linklater winning best director. Original screenplay The Grand Budapest Hotel.
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What can’t be predicted are the crazy moments that just seem to happen each year – like last time when John Travolta introduced Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem. Priceless.
So bring on the magic and the madness and I look forward to discussing it all as part of the BBC Radio 5 presenting team for the Oscars and with you soon on my Celebrity Insider Movie Loc¬ations Tour (celebrating its second anniversary this month) which begins each Saturday at the Hollywood Roosvelt Hotel, home of the very first Oscar ceremony way back in ¬1929. The Oscars have come a long way since then but never lost their ability to entertain and amuse. Long may Oscar continue to shine.

By SANDRO MONETTI, Director and Guide of the Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour
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