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Oscar? Swine & Wine…

…or in my case, champagne, and lots of it! This was the theme of my friend Becky’s Oscar Party. I arrived to find a beautifully set table, complete with Oscar statuettes and ballots on our plates. Because of our recent dinner outing at Grub in Hollywood, our hostess even made her own “crack bacon” to top the scalloped potatoes and crème fraiche. You can see that even the pork loin was dressed in Oscar gold!

The red carpet fashion was interesting, with some definite hits and misses. I loved all the colors, especially the reds and the silver and copper standouts. I’m wondering if Ryan Seacrest got all the ashes cleaned up from Sacha Baron Cohen’s dictator stunt. Back to the ballots: I had predicted most honors would go to The Artist and The Descendants. So I was thrilled to watch The Artist walk away with 5 awards, including Best Picture!! It was a great year for Hollywood, a great night to honor the amazingly talented people behind the movies, and I finally got my annual sighting of Harvey Weinstein, who was the financier behind The Artist! 364 days and counting to Oscar’s 85th event!

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