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Pancakes Anyone?

Do you like to eat breakfast any time of day? I do! In fact breakfast is my favorite meal, whether out with friends or at home with Chef Matt. Breakfast for lunch, or breakfast for dinner, I’ll take it anytime I can get it. Today I was near USC doing some research and decided to have lunch at a great little spot called Jacks N Joe on Figueroa. There were only seats left at the counter near the open kitchen, which turned out to be a perfect spot.

Jacks N Joe is “a breakfast all day kinda place” which is ok by me. Can we just say their pancakes were so melt in your mouth good that I almost ordered another batch! Then there were the WFT?! Pancakes which are crazy shaped pancakes (picture squiggles of pancake batter on the grill) topped with cream cheese and berries. Jacks N Joe will certainly be getting a visit from the Pancake Club…after we try the Pancake Lasagne!

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