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Papaya King

So after visiting Carney’s on Sunset recently, I decided it was time to pay Papaya King in Hollywood a visit. Located on Wilcox Blvd just across from the “You are the Star” mural, Papaya King is a New York City outpost that sells hotdogs and tropical drinks. Sadly, I was the only customer during the 30 minutes I was there enjoying my Classic frank, curly seasoned fries and drink. I couldn’t decide between the papaya or the coconut flavors, so the server gave me a combo of the two.

I enjoyed the atmosphere with the brightly colored and clever signage, but it was strange that there should be 100 people in line for Pink’s and not one for Papaya King. Location troubles? I dined at a stand-up counter top looking out on Wilcox Blvd and read the many framed newspaper announcements on the wall . Turns out there’s an exclusive nightclub just behind the yellow door in the kitchen. That’s right, the only way into The Sayer’s Club is through the same kitchen that grills hotdogs and serves tropical drinks. Ah, gotta love Hollywood!

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