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Peachy Keen

So I found out from Jen’s List that August is National Peach Month. Ever since, I have been craving peach pie or peach cobbler…basically some peachy dessert. Nothing says summer to me like fresh juicy peaches, especially when hidden in a warm, flaky crust with a little sugar and maybe some whipped cream on top. I went searching Sunday afternoon and only turned up an apricot and an apple tart at Gelson’s, which was my mother in law’s preference. Since she was the Birthday Girl, I ended my search and we enjoyed the apple tart.

Two days later peaches were still on my mind. Now I could have gone to the grocery store or a local farmer’s market and bought a bag of peaches. But my mind was set on cobbler or pie. After burning a few calories washing the TOURific Escapes van, I sat at the computer and let YELP work its magic. I found The Kobbler King and phoned ahead to make sure they still had peach cobbler available. They did!! I jumped in my car and drove across town to get the goods. I met the King himself, and while he did not seem as enthusiastic as I was about National Peach Month, the guy makes a fabulous cobbler and I enjoyed every bite. Good thing I bought two, so I can have one tomorrow!