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Pie + Tea

It’s fun being in the tour business, especially because the research can be so tasty! Today I paid a visit to the American Tea Room in Beverly Hills and met the owners of this quaint 9-year-old establishment. I tasted limoncello tea as I walked around the room sniffing little ramekins of tea named after Caribbean islands such as Martinique. I purchased a gift tin of green tea that smells like peaches, and received a sample pack of macaroon, which smells and tastes exactly like chocolate AND coconut.

And what am I enjoying with a cup of my macaroon tea? A slice of pie from downtown LA’s The Pie Hole. I got a savory chicken pot pie for dinner and I couldn’t resist a sweet slice for dessert. There were so many choices, but I’m so predictable I went with the Mexican HOT Chocolate Pie. Good choice! Chocolatey and just the right hint of spice and cinnamon for a little kick. Tea + pie = one happy girl.

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