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Pizza the Eatalian way!

Do you like your pizza crust thick or thin? For some of you, the thickness of the crust doesn’t matter, you’re just happy to be eating pizza. Well I am a big fan of thin-crust pizzas. At Eatalian Café in Gardena, they specialize in a thinner than cracker-thin pizza, which I’ve pictured here, trying to show you just how easily it folded over. My pizza limit is usually two slices in one sitting, but I have to say this pizza was so thin it was almost like eating air and so I ate four slices (to be fair my friend Debbie also ate four slices, leaving us no leftovers). I should also say the pizza was really good, and I enjoyed every bite and crumb!

Would you believe the 8 slice Margherita pizza was $5 less than the Caprese Salad? Though the tomato and mozzarella photograph nicely, this dish was very underwhelming with tomatoes that were not ripe. But the pizza and the gelato more than made up for the disappointing salad. In my cup you see Panna Cotta and Biscotto, with bits of cookie that were amazingly crunchy in this creamy goodness. Eatalian Café, even though you were a bit hard to find, I plan to come back and see you again!

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