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The Proud Bird Food Hall and Event Center

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The Proud Bird Food Hall and Event Center has undergone a facelift from The Proud Bird I was first introduced to many years ago while attending a corporate holiday banquet.  When an announcement was made that The Proud Bird was closing its doors, Matt and I paid a visit for an Early Bird dinner and to reminisce the space that had an uncertain future.  Open since 1967 the restaurant has entertained aviation enthusiasts not only with a good meal and historic photos, but also panoramic views of planes approaching LAX for landing.

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Well it seems The Proud Bird has had a very successful transition into a Food Hall and Event Center.  Aviation history is the central theme with interactive exhibits greeting guests upon entry.  Throughout the space are exhibits on the Tuskegee Airmen, the Aztec Eagles and female aviators to name a few.  A spacious food hall for walk-up orders is available from six different eatery counters.  Asian cuisine, Italian, Burgers, American and even the awesome Bludso’s BBQ is available for lunch and dinner and on Sundays, an unlimited brunch pass for a set price.  Unlimited mimosas are available for purchase too.

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Communal seating is offered both indoors and out, with all seats offering front-row views of airplanes approaching LAX for landing.  While the outdoor seating may be a tad bit loud, it’s worth it to get a literal birds-eye view of the approaching airplanes as you sit cozily around a fire pit.  Just steps away from the Outdoor Patio is Airplane Park which includes several World War 2 aircraft on display.


Then there’s the Mile High Club Bar & Lounge which serves beer and wine as well as fun aviation-themed cocktails like the Frequent Flyer Old Fashioned and the Puddle Jumper Wild Berry Mojito.  There are great Happy Hour specials from 4pm to 8pm and offered all day long on weekends.

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Wait there’s more.  The Proud Bird still offers event space for your holiday parties, corporate meetings, weddings, special events and more.  There are six renovated rooms of varying sizes, accommodating up to 1,200 guests.  I am hoping to host a meeting at The Proud Bird in the coming months for a group of tour guides.  The Proud Bird, with it’s new décor and fresh look, is a perfect gathering place for locals, visitors, tour groups, and anyone wanting a close-up look at the past, present and future of aviation while enjoying lunch, dinner or brunch along the LAX flightpath.


By Trish Procetto


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