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Red Velvet Goodness

Valentine’s Day is over, but Red Velvet has a strong presence 365 days of the year! I first heard of red velvet in the movie Steel Magnolias back in 1989, but the flavor concept didn’t really become a part of my daily vocabulary until I became a tour guide. I have found in recent years that no matter if it’s a full-fledged bakery, or a cupcakery (dedicated to the art of cupcakes only), or a bundt cake shop, the best-selling flavor is red velvet.

I have done my fair share of tasting around this city, and here’s what I’ve discovered. Doughboyson West Third Street has been given the title of best red velvet by Oprah, and offers cakes large and small. If you want an amazing red-velvet pancake, then The Griddle Café on Sunset is where you’ll want to line up. My friend Melissa who runs Essential Chocolate Dessertsin Culver City, offers some beautiful red velvet sweets: cake truffles, ding-dongs, and Lappert’s even makes a special red-velvet cheesecake ice cream for her shop. So no matter the day of the year, red velvet is a flavor that you can treat yourself to in any neighborhood!!

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