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Sandro’s Celebrity Scoop – Media, Military, Movies and Me

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As someone who spends most of his week interviewing people as a journalist, it was a surreal experience for me recently to be the one answering rather than asking the questions.

But I found I had plenty to talk about because leading LA TV news station KTLA and their ace reporter Lu Parker came aboard the TOURific Escapes bus to interview me all about the success of the Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour.

tour, hollywood

I was thrilled with their news report and you can watch it here. Enjoy.

Since that great exposure we’ve been doing a few private tours for groups and, being a Brit, it was a special pleasure and honor to guide one of these for a team of British Army Officers. They were in LA on, of all things, a cricket playing tour – it doesn’t get more British than that, right?

What a fun bunch of guys they were – and hilarious company. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time. Thanks for joining us lads – and thanks for all you do for my country.

tour, hollywood

There’s some great films coming out this month and look out for a very suspenseful one called Trance from director Danny Boyle, who made Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting and put together the London Olympics opening ceremony. I recently had the chance to interview Danny, who is a very engaging and inspiring figure. You can watch our interview here…,3693,BA.html

The summer movie I’m most looking forward to is the new Superman film, Man of Steel.  The other day, outside the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where our tour starts, I got to meet Superman (pictured). You never know who you’ll run into on the Celebrity Insider Tour. Come join us soon. It’s…super.

hollywood, tour

Sandro x

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