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Sandro’s Celebrity Scoop

We’re right in the middle of Hollywood’s awards season and that’s the favorite time of year for a celebrity reporter like me because it’s a great chance to attend awesome parties where I can catch up and chat with the nominees, most of whom I know from interviewing them over the years.

One of the nicest of them all is Ben Affleck whose exceptional film Argo was shot at locations featured on my Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour. It must have been extra sweet for him to collect his Golden Globe for best director at the Beverly Hilton as several scenes from the movie were shot at that hotel.
I’m also a voter for a couple of the major movie awards handed out at this time of year and Bradley Cooper was delighted and thankful to hear that his was the first name down on my voting form this time for his amazing performance in Silver Linings Playbook.


My favorite movie of the year was Les Miserables and I’m delighted to announce I’ve written and directed a parody version of that musical classic which will be screened at the Egyptian movie theatre on February 19, just a few nights ahead of the Oscars, where it is one of the nominees for the Toscars – a black tie ceremony for comedy versions of the best picture nominees. Please come along that night and join the fun.

I told Les Miserables stars Hugh Jackman and Helena Bonham Carter the storyline of this version – more of which in future columns – and happily, they weren’t offended but instead thought it sounded hysterically funny.

The best celebrity interviewing assignment I’ve had lately came when I got to spend the day with 12 Bond girls in a hotel suite. They were all attending a terrific event called the Hollywood Show and being surrounded by so much glamor and star quality – from the likes of Tanya Roberts, Britt Ekland, Serena Scott Thomas, Lynn Holly Johnson and Maud Adams – was oh-oh heaven for a Bond fan like me.

But I think the most fun I’ve had doing anything lately has been launching the Tourific Escapes Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour. It’s been great to share my love of Hollywood with fellow film enthusiasts and show them the places where famous movies were made while telling the real stories behind those films and all the inside scoop on the stars. So come on board soon. It will be great to meet you and show you the celebrity side of our star studded city.

hosting awards show

By Sandro Monetti, director and guide of our Celebrity Insider Movie Location Tour.

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