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Santa Monica Beach & Bike tour

On Sunday it was 84 degrees along the Southern California coast. Lots of people flocked to the beaches to enjoy a bit of summer in the month of March. I bet our friends at Pedal or Not were busy! A unique tour idea, created by a husband-and-wife team, their excursion shows off the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and Venice…by bicycle…with a little history thrown in to boot! It’s a 17-mile round trip ride on electric bikes , and you can choose to pedal OR let the bike do the work for you. Get it…pedal or not…very clever Barb & Steve!
Matt and I went on their tour as an anniversary date a while back, and I was surprised at how much fun it was, and how much I let the bike do the work. I wasn’t burning as many calories as I’d planned, but who cares, it was an absolute blast! if you want to treat yourself to a few fun hours at the Santa Monica beach, check out Pedal or Not. Their small group tours led by Barb will leave you with a bit of an appetite after your 3 hour adventure. Let me know if you need a restaurant recommendation!

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