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Stage AND Screen AND Sandro

By Sandro Monetti, Director and Guide of the Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour

Los Angeles is primarily a movie town – as guests on my film locations tour know all too well – but there’s also great theatre here too.

From blockbuster musicals to experimental fringe shows there is something great to see on stage every night in LA.

There’s so many talented performers in the city showing their acting skills and I’ve recruited several of the best for a comedy play I’m directing and appearing in this June.

It’s the American premiere of a London smash hit about men more in love with their sports teams than the women in their lives and is called An Evening With Gary Lineker.
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So I hope you’ll join me soon to see both the best the movies have to offer on my Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour and then let me give you a taste of LA theatre at the play – further details here…

But if movies is more your thing then you’re going to love the Alfred Hitchcock season that I’ve helped put together with the American Cinematheque and my colleagues at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
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From April 10 thru May 15 at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, CA, the great director’s classic films, such as North By Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much and To Catch A Thief will be screened along with a number of infrequently screened Hitchcock movies such as Rich and Strange, The Skin Game an Number 17. I’ll be introducing some of the films and hope to see you there. Get further details here…
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And finally, to leave you laughing, the double Toscar award winning short film parody of British Hustle that I wrote and directed, British Hustle, is now on You Tube. Enjoy it below…
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See you on tour

Sandro x

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