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Summer Makeover for Disney’s California Adventure

Who’s planning a summer visit to Disneyland or California Adventure this summer? Some exciting changes are taking place in California Adventure, starting with the unveiling of Cars Land on June 15. A 12-acre park that resembles Radiator Springs from the hit 2006 Disney Pixar movie, early visitors report that it’s like walking onto a very real movie set with all the major players from the movie present. Of course, the food sounds great to me: peach pie and apple freeze’s at Flo’s V-8 diner & café. Save me a seat!

The other change is at the entrance of the park, where the new Buena Vista Street got much of its inspiration from Los Angeles area landmarks. And not just any landmarks, but ones that were significant to Walt Disney’s first years in LA, starting in 1923. He was living with an uncle in Los Feliz, where he sketched his first animated cartoons. Showcasing a variety of architecture from the times, you can browse thru 1920’s era coffee shops, camera stores, a mom and pop style “five and dime” and even ride on a recreated Red Car Trolley.

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