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Summer Time Treats

It’s the first day of summer, hooray! Of course for me, the food lover, the arrival of summer means enjoying (more of) certain types of food. In the good ol’ summertime who can resist… hotdogs, lemonade, s’mores or ice cream. There are several places to get hot dogs here in LA: Pink’s, Carney’s, Papaya King to name a few. I prefer a “burned to a black crisp” hot dog right off my backyard BBQ. Although it’s a chain, who can resist Lemonade’s grade school cafeteria charm and six daily flavors of lemonade?!

You can make your own S’mores at Luna Park or take a trip to St. George Utah where you can make “indoor s’smores.” Let’s not forget ice cream. LA’s very own Mashti Malone serves up both exotic and traditional flavors. Who wants to try the herbal snow or ginger rosewater? Scoops offers a select number of interesting gelato flavors. Brown bread anyone? But possibly the best ice-creamy treat I’ve had recently was found in Utah at Nielsen’s Frozen Custard. What’s your favorite summertime treat?

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