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Ta Ta to the Tudor House

One of my favorite little tea rooms, Tudor House in Santa Monica, is closing its doors after 50 years. It was the first place I enjoyed afternoon tea when I moved to Los Angeles in 2001. Since I lived in Santa Monica, within walking distance, I brought many an out of town friend there to enjoy tea, scones, finger sandwiches and little pastries. And it wasn’t only a tea room, but there was an adjacent store chock full of British themed teas, candies, pastries and beautiful porcelain teaware.

I always took a little something from the bakery case to enjoy at home. When I read that Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron ate Cornish pasties and Treacle Tarts, I ran right down to try them. It was the first place I tried (and liked) Welsh Rarebit. I’m very sorry to see such a wonderful part of Santa Monica’s history and food scene close shop. Thanks for the memories, I will miss you Tudor House.

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