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Teatro ZinZanni

Wait, what? Teatro ZinZanni translates to Zany Theater in my best estimation. Taking place in a beautiful 100 year old tent meant to resemble a jewel box, this three-hour show called “Love, Chaos & Dinner” was chock full of circus-style acts, comedy and cabaret. For years my friend Robin has been telling me about it after seeing it in San Francisco…and she warned that there was quite a bit of audience participation. Since the show also included a 5-course meal from Joaquim Splichal of Patina Catering, the dinner tables were set on the stage floor and we were literally part of the act.

I really enjoyed all the circus-y type acts including the acrobatics, hula hooping, juggling, unicycle riding – though not at the same time. The meal was worked into the act, and I especially enjoyed how dessert was served by the deadpan French Maid. We breathed a sigh of relief that Matt was not chosen to be part of the acts, though he would have been a good sport about it. I would recommend
Teatro ZinZanni for anyone looking for a unique bit of entertainment along with their dinner!