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The Best Bite I Ate This Week: Angelo’s Tiramisu

When traveling along the Oregon Coast, be sure to stop at Angelo’s Italy in Bandon.  You’ll receive a little bit of Italian charm along with delicious, authentic dishes from central and southern Italy.  Angelo makes pasta, bruschette, pizza, soup, salad and more from recipes his mother and grandmother passed down to him.  Angelo’s prices are reasonable and the portion sizes are generous.   While you’re there, you feel like part of his family, which might not be too far out since he has 11 children!


After a lengthy discussion about mascarpone cheese, Angelo said to me: you must try my tiramisu.  Did I tell him I had a sweet tooth or could he just see it in my eyes?  One heavenly spoonful and I had to declare it my best bite of the week!  Sweet, creamy cheese nestled between the espresso soaked (and scented!) ladyfingers, topped with cocoa powder and a wee bit of chocolate drizzle.  My mom and I had to fight for the last bite.  Angelo, we’ll be back!
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