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The Best Bite I Ate This Week: French Dip

I’ve long been a fan of the French Dipped sandwiches at Philippe.  But it’s all the way over in Chinatown, so I don’t get much occasion to visit.  Recently I had a Tour Guide meeting at Union Station and the only stipulation I had was that we walk to Philippe the Original for lunch after the meeting.  Walking in with sawdust all over the floor, we got into one of the shortest lines I’ve seen there.  We must have missed the real lunch rush because there were only three people in line ahead of me.  I had my cash ready while I perused the case for pie.  Of course I already knew I was getting a Turkey Dip and potato salad.  The only question was what kind of pie: fruit or cream?  I opted for chocolate cream.

As yummy as that was, the standout was my sandwich.  Plenty of moist, tender turkey on a perfectly baked French roll that was just the right amount of crusty and soft, soaked in the au jus.  Mmm, it was certainly my best bite of the week.  While I didn’t use their special hot mustard, Matt would have doused his sandwich with it!  I see that Philippe also offers breakfast items and Happy Hour specials; so no matter what time you get there, stop in and bite into a bit of Los Angeles history.

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