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The Best Bite I Ate This Week: Is The Bite I Didn’t Eat

One Less Meal.  That’s the idea behind Double D Diner, the world’s first virtual diner designed to fight hunger.  After ordering your meal online, you pay for it via paypal or credit card and your donation goes to local food banks or soup kitchens around the United States.  I think it’s a brilliant concept.  From the online menu, I was going to order the Cruise Ship Buffet for 49.99, but honestly it was so much fun perusing the various options that I ordered several entrees that added up to my desired donation amount.  From Cheese Grits ($3.49) to Potato Latkes ($12.89) to Eggs Benedict ($8.99) and more, I truly enjoyed ordering this food so that someone in need could enjoy it.  I ate a tangerine and almonds instead of a big lunch.  So it helped me and it helped them.  I’m pledging to order a meal from the Double D Diner once a month in 2013.  Won’t you?

Best Bit I Ate

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