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The Best Bite I Ate This Week: Mabel G’s Pumpkin Cookies

The best bite I ate this week was something I baked myself: my first batch of Mabel G. Smith’s pumpkin cookies! Who is Mabel G. Smith? I have no idea. However, at 342 5th Avenue in Skagway, Alaska there used to stand a quaint little coffee shop called Mabel G. Smith’s. When I worked on the cruise lines, my Princess ship-mates and I would literally RUN to Mabel G’s and order vanilla lattes and their oversized pumpkin cookies with icing. Served warm they are the perfect cookie with a cake-like consistency.

True story: I asked the employees for the recipe but those girls behind the counter would simply not share it with us. I last visited Mabel G’s in the summer of 2000 while working an Alaska itinerary on the Sea Princess. Fast forward to 2003 and I’m now living in Los Angeles. I go to a holiday party in Hollywood and meet a girl who claims to have the recipe. She takes my email address and promises to send it to me. It was the best Christmas present ever! She kept her promise and I now bake Mabel G’s cookies every fall. Her name and email address are long gone, but I hope that girl gets some good karma for sharing that precious recipe with me.